20 possible abbreviations for “S.A.P.”

20 possible abbreviations for “S.A.P.” (with some reality):

1.. (S)tart (A)dding (P)atches
2.. Salary Appreciation Program
3.. Spend A Pound, Safe A Penny
4.. (SAP)Scripts Are Painful
5.. See After Playing
6.. See Administrators Panic
7.. Send another payment
8.. Shoot Again, Players !
9.. Simple Application Program
10.. Simply A Program
11.. Sit And Play
12.. Sit And Pray
13.. Smile And Pay
14.. Sodding Awful Program
15.. Solves All Problems
16.. Structural Adjustment Programme
17.. Send Another Payment
18.. Shrink Approved Profitbase
19.. Security Administrators’ Profit
20.. ABAP: (a)lways (b)etter (a)lternatives (p)ossible



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